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Neck Pain Can Be A Thing Of The Past For Chicago Residents

The seven bones that bridge the upper part of the spinal cord with the brain stem perform an extremely vital function. But at some point in their lives, most peoples will experience neck pain.

Risk Factors

Some peoples may be more likely to experience than others because of the following influences:

  • Age: Wear and tear through use of the body can lead to neck pain.
  • Occupation: Certain fields of work, such as those that require driving or working at computers, are more likely to result in neck pain.
  • Failing to stretch prior to exercise: Lack of stretching can lead to strain and injury that causes neck pain.
  • Smoking: This can lead to loss of bone density, increasing the chance that any injury can lead to neck pain.


Though dull aches or sharp pains are the more obvious signs of neck pain, there are other symptoms that can be associated with neck pain such as headaches, facial pain, shoulder pain and lightheadedness.


Neck pain can be caused by many factors, including the following:

  • Whiplash: This non-medical term is used to describe the result of a motion or force applied to the neck, of in automobile accidents or sports, that causes it to exceed its normal range of motion, resulting in soft tissue damage. That is damage to muscles, tendons and ligaments.
  • Disc problems: A herniated disc as the result of trauma, such as automobile or sports injury, or degeneration due to age, often results in neck pain.
  • Arthritis: Several forms, including idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis, Ankylosing spondylitis and osteoarthritis may contribute to neck pain.
  • Fibromyalgia: Overly sensitive nerves most commonly found in women between the ages of 35 and 55 can lead to neck pain.
  • Infection: Though rare, bacterial infection, such as tuberculosis or meningitis can be the culprits in neck pain.


Though neck pain sometimes can resolve itself with self-care, using analgesics or other over-the-counter pain relievers; ice and heat therapies; and bed rest, there are many times it can’t. You may need additional treatment, such as steroid injections or a stellate ganglion block. Some neck pain may require additional medical treatment such as therapy, chiropractic care, spinal injections or surgery.

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