Chiropractors: The Backbone of the Medical Field

In the US, when something is fundamentally important, we call it “the backbone.”




So, why is it that we, through this figure of speech, compare anything that’s truly essential to a “backbone”? Simple––it’s because the spine is one of the most important parts of human anatomy. The backbone is, quite literally, “the backbone” of our body!

The spine fulfills numerous roles in the body. It is so important that scientists even divide all of the Earth’s species into two categories of whether or not they have a spine—vertebrates and invertebrates.

It only makes sense that the remedies to most health problems need to include the spine. A properly aligned spine and neck will help to alleviate and prevent many health issues. By working on the spine, chiropractors can fix so much more than back pain. Here are just a few examples:


Who enjoys taking medication and suffering from all its side effects? The nausea, dizziness, fatigue, etc, that come with these drugs––all just because we need to take a pill to help solve a health problem?

A study published in the Human Journal of Hypertension indicates that chiropractic treatment of the Atlas vertebra (a bone on the top of your spine) could help to reduce blood pressure as effectively as some medications. We’re not saying that you should stop taking your medicine right away, but this study indicates that proper care of your spine could help to fix problems as effectively as medications. Plus, chiropractic treatment spares you many of the negative side effects that come with prescriptions.


Headaches and migraines are some of the top ailments that chiropractors treat, other than back pain, of course. Most people spend their days sitting in a fixed position (at a desk, on the couch, etc), which causes neck tension and joint irritation—the primary cause of most headaches in today’s society. Proper spinal alignment performed by a chiropractor helps to relieve that tension, and solves your issues at the source instead of simply masking the pain (as with ibuprofen or other pain medications).


If you’ve read up to this point, it shouldn’t surprise you to find that most pain in the body is related to your spine. When your spine is properly aligned, it reduces pain throughout your entire body, not just backaches. Proper spinal alignment has also been shown to reduce inflammation, which is a major cause of chronic muscle and joint pain (inflammation is also linked to cancer and heart disease).


Almost everything in our bodies is based from our spines. Our skeletal system branches out from it, and our muscles are rooted to it. The spine even provides a home for the nervous system, which controls nearly every function in your body.

That is why chiropractic treatment helps with so many different health issues. Chiropractic care has helped with everything from joint pain, to digestion, to ear infections, to epilepsy.

As an added bonus, these treatments often solve the problem at the source, while medications usually focus only on the symptoms. Chiropractic methods are also much lower risk than many other treatments.

Visit us here at Core Rehab today to receive low-risk, drug-free treatment which will provide relief to whatever pain is ailing you. Call us today at (773) 229-9600 to find the solution to your problems, from the source!

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